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Chaos Animals 11 / For Koichi

“I like chaos” – this was the main sentence of Koichi, a japanese guy, I met in Marrakesch many years ago. We shared the same hostel and hit that crazy town together. We neary could not talk with each other because of lack of language knowledge, but we became friends for a few days. When i did this drawing, suddenly I remembered him, after such a long time, and I felt sad having lost contact to him. So I decided to dedicate this drawing to him.

11,7 X 8,3 IN (21 X 29,7 CM)

Just a pencil…

…and a sheet of paper.I like this simple setting.No preparations necessarily. The flow of inspiration can be transformed directly, just using my hand and these simple materials. After trying different possibilities, I found out this to be my preferred media. There is enough place for spontaneous expression to “celebrate” the beauty of the moment.