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I am a fan of Japanese ink drawings and woodblock prints. Simplicity and reduction are important means of traditional Japanese depictions. Using just simple black ink and carefully curated white space, the timeless beauty and complexity of the natural world is captured. Its not figurative, it’s not abstract – it’s a mixture of both aspects, fixing one moment of  beeing, like at Yamada Hogyoku´s Bat and Moon from 1830. I never tried to copy this style, but there is a big influence on my attitude dealing with my own drawings.

This summer I suddenly discovered, that I can watch bats from my flat in the evening. I was very surprised and touched, and soon they appeared in my drawings too.


Every time I went to the zoo with my father, we had to visit the crocodiles. Looking down from a small bridge, I could take a look to the back of the reptiles, frightening and fascinated at the same time. They nearly did not move and their mouth were wide open. Although getting goose bumps, I felt very close to my friends. 

When these four crocodiles appeared in my drawing, I remembered the zoo, my father and the feelings accompanying my crocodile-adventures. They got a very friendly expression now.  

polka town

“Polka Town”, a track from my album “Feeling Like an Octopus” – a lot of octopus, celebrating a wild and raugh dance 

When I started recording track by track, I felt like I was moving within an open field. With no concrete plan but the willingness to embark on this boundless expanse, I began to work, with full trust in my intuitive power.

The result is a very personal album that directly reflects my presence. I would like to share this adventure with you.

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