Monthly Archives: May 2020

Just a pencil…

…and a sheet of paper.I like this simple setting.No preparations necessarily. The flow of inspiration can be transformed directly, just using my hand and these simple materials. After trying different possibilities, I found out this to be my preferred media. There is enough place for spontaneous expression to “celebrate” the beauty of the moment.

NEW ALBUM “Feeling Like an Octopus”

Fascinated by the magic world of the octopus, I decided to dedicate this album to this archaic creature in a poetic way. The cover of the album is showing a drawing of an octopus from my “intuitive drawings”.
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When I started recording track by track, I felt like I was moving within an open field. With no concrete plan but the willingness to embark on this boundless expanse, I began to work, with full trust in my intuitive power.

The result is a very personal album that directly reflects my presence. I would like to share this adventure with you.

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Bedtime Story

BEDTIME STORY is the last track of my new album “Feeling Like An Octopus”. It´s a late night song with a quiet mood, very slow, a little bit like a mantra, turnig around and around and around…take care, maybe you will fall asleep before the track has ended.

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Sometimes a drawing demands just a few lines. Stopping the drawing process in the right moment is a big challenge. I like my mosquito, every line makes sense and seems to be at the right place.

I like the idea just using a pencil and a sheet of paper. A simple setting like that opens a lot of space for spontaneous interactions with my creativity. I don´t have to take care of complicated materials and preparations. Just sitting down and let it flow, everywhere, at any moment when i feel inspired.