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Video Production: Breath Of Crisis

Wonderful collaboration with artists from Urhof20, an art center in Grünbach/Schneeberg. Improvisation is our main interest, usually performing live. In this case I got the video and created the music watching Bea´s performance on the screen, improvising and recording the track with no overdubs, similar to a live situation.    

BREATH OF CRISIS, ft. Martin Kratochwil
days of shut down:21

concept und performance: Bea von Schrader

film / editing: Daphne von Schrader
Avantgarde Mode: eigensinnig Wien

mask: Die.P

music: Martin Kratochwil, electronics

Kunsthaus Grünbach am Schneeberg

Preparing my New Album: Feeling Like an Octopus

I am preparing a new music album called “Feeling Like an Octopus”, which should be available in a few weeks. Hear the title song:

“Eight Arms, Three Hearts and One Big Soul”

download on iTunes:  apple music
download on Google Play: Google Play